Firmage - Warehouse Management 7.7 for Windows 10


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The program allows you to have a complete inventory management. Through scalability is designed for businesses of all sizes. This allows, among others: * Sales * registration documents registration documents registration documents Purchase * internal * Registration documents międzymagazynowych * cost * registration documents registration documents registration documents spanning * cash * bank * Registration Document Records of customer billing * Records of returnable packaging market * Records of documents warehousemen * Collaborate with fiscal printers * Support for barcode readers * Clearance store FIFO or LIFO method * Define your own types of documents * Work with the export wielomagazynowym * Sales * Reporting on the uses of storage * Reporting on storage revenue * Reporting on VAT records * Reporting on receivables * Reporting on commitments * Reporting on cash transactions * Reporting on banking transactions * Reporting on intra documents * Reporting on customers * Reporting analysis of various aspects of your business * Reports * Conducting inventory records - physical inventory and inventory accounting * Collaborate with data collectors